OK, I reeeally don’t like mice

OK, I reeeally don’t like mice, reeeally. Apparently, tis the season and they’re looking to come into warm dwellings. In comes Axiom Pest Management. They were excellent. They did such a thorough and complete inspection, room by room, for any signs of mice. Our experience is that this company is leagues beyond the previous pest control services we hired in the past. They other guys {who barely did a thing and was done in 15 minutes and out the door} were a joke. It was like night and day. They came to us through our Strata Management who are responsible for many condo & business complexes throughout the Lower Mainland and Downtown, so they should know. The owner and operator, Nosa, came personally and took this time to do it properly. He placed multiple poison baits and traps strategically, not randomly. He obviously took great pride in his work and in providing a quality service – how very refreshing. They put on the little booties and everything. He was polite, thorough and knowledgeable. Would use him again in an instant and would highly recommend them {100%} to any of my friends and family. Am very grateful and relieved to have been referred to them for our little mouse problem. Thank you Axiom Pest Management! ~ Jack G. North Vancouver (via Yelp.)